From the Schmidt Family

Dear Retailer,

If you build it, we will shop! Our little family of four (well and two fur babies, so six) is new to the area. After growing up and starting our family in the valley, we were spoiled with having a lot of conveniences right “around the corner.” We are anxiously awaiting the development of the Heritage Shops to frequent and enjoy.

Having two young children, 2 years and 4 months old can make any shopping adventure challenging. Our current trips for grocery and household items take a very good portion of the day and we often end up rushed because someone is hungry or sleepy or we simply run out of time. Needing to travel more than 20 minutes one way when you run out of wipes is a big problem. Even worse when someone spikes a fever and the Tylenol has expired.

We are excited to see this beautiful community grow. The enticing amenity of local shopping will be embraced by this community and others near by. We are certainly hoping to see you soon.

Sincerely your future loyal patrons,

The Schmidt's

Sam, Amanda, Charlotte, & Lily