From the Scala Family


Me and my family are current residence of Gladden Farms.

Currently, if we are in  need of groceries, or pharmacy needs- we have to travel onto the I-10 to get to one of the closest grocery stores. I prefer to shop at Fry’s Market Place on Tangerine, however the Safeway on Silverbell is a little closer and often times get our business.

My family, includes children of all ages, because we are a fostering family for the state of Arizona, so our shopping needs are varied- however the convenience of having a grocery store closer to our neighborhood, would allow us the convenience of loyalty shopping (right now we are torn between where we like to shop and where is more convenient). Of course closer shopping would also allow us more family time!

I know all my neighbors, and we have had a great deal of discussion about the challenges of shopping and living in Gladden Farms. One of the selling aspects of living within the Gladden Farms neighborhood, was seeing the signage that grocery shopping was “coming soon”. We were very disappointed when the “coming soon” sign was changed, and that discussion of better shopping venues are being neglected. Our friends in Picture Rock and Red Rock would also enjoy the convenience of closer shopping.

It is my and my family's hope that the land that has been allocated for grocery development be realized and our “community” be more complete in its resources. Anything at all that we can do to expedite this project, we would be happy to be involved in.

Thank you-

Sandra Caine & Evelyn Scala