From the Pursell Family

Dear Corporate Decision Makers,

My name is Charisma Pursell.  I am a wife, mother of two, and a resident of the Gladden Farms community in Marana, AZ.  My family and I moved out here about a year ago.  We love the scenery, charm, and the small-town feel our neighborhood provides.  While our neighborhood does have beautiful homes, new schools, parks, and trails, our growing community is missing its crown jewel; a grocery store.

Has your child ever developed a sudden fever, and you’re out of Children’s Tylenol? Have you ever poured a bowl of cereal, and then discover you’re out of milk?  Have you ever gone to the restroom, and then realize that the three shreds of toilet paper stuck on the bare roll are all you have to clean yourself with? The horror!  I know my family has experienced all of these situations, and I am sure many of our neighbors have experienced these, or similar household heartaches as well. 

Currently, our sole remedy to these unfortunate events is to drive all the way back into town to purchase necessities, then drive all the way back to actually enjoy them.    Like many of our neighbors, I spend all week commuting back and forth to work.  I can’t say commuting to the store is my favorite way to spend a weekend.  Despite having an otherwise robust community, we are lacking a supermarket. Please don’t make us wait years to have a market available in the area.

There are thousands of homes in Marana, and every single one of them have groceries in them.  The people of Gladden Farms, and our neighbors in San Lucas, Rancho Marana, Avra Valley, Red Rock and all the surrounding areas need resources. We need a grocery store. Be our champion, open a facility, and rescue us from long commutes in the blazing heat, and provide a closer source of relief from our everyday household heartaches. 

If you build it…we will shop!


The Pursell Family