From the Nanez Family

We have lived in Suncrest addition of Gladden Farms since October of 2011.  There are hundreds of houses in Gladden Farms and several more houses in and around our area.  There is also at least 5 new housing projects going up right now with at least 80 homes in each section.  We had really hoped that a grocery store would move in to our area and I'm sure there are plenty of people in our community and surrounding areas that would warrant a grocery store.  The closest place to buy groceries, deli items and many other products is about 12 miles away.  That is 24 miles round trip.  Also if you need to run to the store for last minute items and especially if it is after 5pm, that is a long way to drive, not counting having to put up with rush hour traffic.  Plus, some of us cannot drive after dark so having something close to us would be so wonderful. This grocery store would benefit so many families and I know that it would pay for itself in a short while.  We just hope that a grocery store of any kind will consider building in our community.

Thanks The Nanez family