From the Luiks Family

The neighborhood of Gladden Farms is crying out for a grocery store.  Currently we either have to block out a 20-minutes-in-each-direction chunk of time for a grocery run, or plan our going-into-town trips to include a stop on the way back.  If we run out of something, we have to change our plans instead of making a quick run to the store.  If we had a grocery store in Gladden Farms it would be a no-brainer to run to the store whenever we need something … oops, out of salad dressing, run to the store; wanna make cookies and have no chocolate chips, run to the store.

Currently my grocery shopping is being done about 80% at the Safeway on Twin Peaks and Silverbell, about 15% at the Fry's on Tangerine at Thornydale, and about 5% at the Walmart on Cortaro (when I happen to be there for something else and decide to pick up some foodstuffs).  I'm certain that if there were a grocery store in Gladden Farms I would be doing 98% of my shopping there every week.

As a family of three grownups, we easily spend $200.00 per week on groceries, and even more when it's a holiday or we're entertaining.  And, at last count, our household had more than a dozen prescriptions that we would be transferring from Safeway. 

If you take into consideration Gladden Farms and its surrounding neighborhoods, also San Lucas, Red Rock, and the communities dotted to the west of us, there are many more households that would be frequenting this store than just the households being viewed as Gladden Farms.  Please send someone to view our area and travel our distances, and you'll realize that we're severely underserved and would be loyal and supporting customers.  

If you build it, we will come!

Thank you,

Juliet Luiks and family