From the Greene Family

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Jacqui Greene and my family and I live in the growing Town of Marana in The Gladden Farms Neighborhood. We love the area we live in. We have a beautiful home, great neighbors, tons of amenities like parks and the splash pad, easy freeway access and space for our growing family and friends to visit. We looked far and wide for over a year for the perfect home to suit our wants and needs. With the sign stating that a grocery store was soon to be added we thought we had it all in Gladden Farms.

Part of the reason we chose to live here is because it’s growing so quickly and we got a lot of bang for our buck. But as parents with young children we occasionally run out of this or that, forgot something at the store or have the late-night flu hit and need medication to fight the fever. That is the biggest reason we didn’t look any farther than where we are at. The nearest full-scale grocery store is over 9 miles away and all but one requires freeway driving to access. We thought this 9+ mile drive would only be temporary. In an emergency for my babies that is at least 30 minutes of driving plus time in the store. If you forgot the butter for dinner, we must make a substitution with what we have due to the inconvenience to “run” back to the store to grab it. It is almost so inconvenient we have thought about moving again to be closer to a store since we have been looking at the vacant lot with nothing but a sign that promised us a grocery store for years. You take for granted the convenience to a store or pharmacy once that convenience is gone.

Not having a grocery store also leaves us and our neighbors with no pharmacy. We are forced to drive out of the way of any drive to pick up a prescription. With the need to visit the pharmacy at least once a month, having one much closer would benefit not only us but almost every household in the neighborhood.

Lastly, our splash pad brings people from all over town to gather and let the kids play! Its open a majority of the year and is just across the street from the lot for the grocery store. I can’t tell you how many times we needed sunscreen and snacks to take with us and the drive to the store is almost so daunting that it takes all the fun out of an afternoon at the ever so convenient splash pad.

By the addition of your grocery store to our neighborhood all the residents of not only Gladden Farms, but San Lucas (5+ miles north off I-10) and the ever-growing town of Marana would be happier than you would expect. The convenience of the location you have chosen is the perfect place for easy access to all those in the area. There are multiple subdivisions underway with new homes surrounding that soon enough your land will be the only vacant space off the main road. The residents of Marana beg you please build your grocery store on Tangerine and Lon Adams. Please take down the sign promising us the grocery store we ALL expected to be here by now and put the store in that we all want and need. Thank you for your time and we can’t wait for the construction to begin!


Jacqui Greene

Resident of Gladden Farms Neighborhood