From the Beringer Family

When we moved to Marana in late 2014, one of the first signs we saw was announcing a future grocery store. What luck we thought. Only a few blocks from our new home. Time passed and we found out that the sign had been there for several years. OK we thought. The downturn in the economy in 2008 hit the whole country and Marana was not exempt. During the following two and a half years there has been a rapid increase of new homes being built here. We are tired of driving 30 minutes to the closest grocery store. We are retired and to keep in some kind of shape our bikes get regular use. It would be great if we could incorporate biking with grocery shopping. I am a cook and many times while considering a new recipe I find that I don’t have quite everything I need. I am not inclined to take off the apron and drive 30 minutes to get a spice I’m missing. I’d much rather get out my bike and peddle five minutes to the store. All our prescriptions are also in a store 30 minutes away. We would gladly transfer them to a store five minutes away. We do appreciate that there is probably a formula that a grocery business uses to determine whether to build or not. Having said that, this area is growing quickly and that business would have a captive audience. Surely a smart decision maker can see that there is nothing more lucrative than a willing population inclined to shop at your store rather than a competitor’s. 


Paul and Marilyn Beringer