Upon Entering the Courthouse, you are required to exhibit the following decorum


  1. No weapons of any kind will be allowed in the Court building, pursuant to ARS 13-3102A(10). Violation of this statute is a class one misdemeanor and you will be subject to criminal prosecution.
  2. No one may enter the Court building with food, drink, or chewing gum. Please dispose of such items prior to entry.
  3. Wear appropriate attire. While clothing need not be formal, no one will be allowed into the courtroom without shoes or shirts. T-Shirts with offensive slogans or pictures are also not to be worn. If you are a male wearing a hat, please remove it upon entering the courtroom.
  4. While in the courtroom, all cellphones, pagers and other electronic devices are to be shut off.
  5. When you are called to the bench and are addressing the Judge or Hearing Officer, stand a few feet back and never lean on the bench. Do not attempt to speak to the Judge or the Hearing Officer from the audience. 
  6. While awaiting your turn to see the Judge, do not chat or whisper to friends. If you need to speak, please exit the courtroom for a few minutes. Court proceedings are being taped, and background conversation can interfere with the audio taping of the record. Avoid shuffling papers or reading a newspaper if it is a distraction to others. 
  7. If at all possible, please avoid bringing small children to Court. We recognize at times this may not be possible, thus if necessary to do so, please monitor their behavior and keep them as quiet as possible. If a child becomes noisy or unruly, you and your child may be asked to exit the courtroom.