The Town of Marana recognizes the growing need and responsibility to provide opportunities for people to bike within the Town and we have made the commitment to ensure that current and future planning accommodates this need on a local and regional level. We are taking steps not only to increase awareness of bicycling within our community, but to ensure that thoughtful planning is taking place to provide the appropriate infrastructure and facilities to accommodate bicycling as a means of transportation as well as recreation. Our goals include developing and maintaining an integrated system of bikeways and ensuring safe and convenient bicycle access throughout the Town. We are striving to make bicycling an integral part of daily life in Marana.

Bicycling is a viable non-polluting mode of transportation that utilizes a renewable energy source – the human body. Riding your bike reduces pollution and traffic congestion and comes with a multitude of health benefits. The U.S. Center for Disease Control states that the most effective activity regimens are moderate in intensity, individualized, and incorporated into daily activity. Incorporating bicycling into your regular daily routine such as the commute to work, school or shopping can be sustainable and time efficient and a great way to reduce stress, improve fitness and clear the mind.

Where to ride - popular riding locations

There are a number of very enjoyable bike rides within the Town of Marana. Those who prefer to ride on a paved surface may take advantage of a growing system of bike routes and multi-use lanes along some of the Town’s arterial and collector streets. 

Bike lanes along Silverbell Road from Cortaro Road northwest to Twin Peaks Road are quite popular with residents of Continental Ranch, as are the striped multi-use lanes on Coachline Boulevard and Continental Reserve Loop. Other popular roadways with striped multi-use lanes are Twin Peaks Road, Cortaro Farms Road, Ina Road, Tangerine Road, Tangerine Farms Road, Lon Adams Road in Gladden Farms, and Dove Mountain Boulevard.