Marana Regional Airport Improvement Project


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Project Description

Marana Regional Airport is beginning a $6M improvement project at the airport in early December 2018. Funding was made possible by the FAA, AZ Dept. of Transportation, and the Town of Marana. The project will be completed in 4 Phases, which were developed to have the least amount of impact on current airport tenants and users. Work hours will be M-F during daylight hours. Construction is anticipated to begin December 10, 2018 and continue until approximately November 11, 2019.

Improvements Include:

  • Full depth pavement reconstruction of the FBO Apron, General Aviation Parking, and a new Jet Apron Parking Apron (currently the Helicopter Apron).

  • Reconstruction of a portion of Taxiway B (from Taxiway B2 to the Taxiway A/B intersection.

  • Removal of an existing FBO T-hangar building (Building 101).

  • Drainage improvements to the FBO Apron and Jet Apron areas.

  • Lighting upgrades at new and existing taxiway connectors.

  • New pavement markings.

Phase Descriptions (Updated 4/3/2019)

  • Section A: work will include the northwest section of the new Jet Apron (currently Helicopter Apron), and the southwest section of the FBO Apron near the Fueling Area and Hangar 83. Projected Construction Timeline: 12/10/18 - 3/15/19.

  • Section B: work will include Taxiway B, from the Taxiway B2 Connector to the Taxiway A/B Intersection, FBO Apron (western half), and Building 102 (west side only).  Projected Construction Timeline: 3/11/19 - 5/30/19.

  • Section C1: work will include Building 102 (east side only), Building 103, Building 104, Building 105 (west side only), FBO Apron (eastern half), Building 86, Building 87 (TAC Avionics Hangar), and Building 75 . Aircraft in these buildings will need to be relocated to the open tie-down ramp during this phase. Pedestrian access to the hangars will be permitted. Projected Construction Timeline: 5/31/19 - 7/15/19.

  • Section C2: work will include the aircraft shade structure. Aircraft will need to be relocated to the open tie-down ramp during this phase. Projected Construction Timeline: 7/16/19 - 8/16/19.

  • Section C3: work will include the General Aviation Apron (Open Tie-Down area), Building 105 (east side only), Building 106, Building 107, and the north entrance of Building 76 (TAC Maintenance Hangar). Open tie-down aircraft will need to be relocated to the East Ramp during this phase. Pedestrian access to the hangars will be permitted. Projected Construction Timeline: 8/19/19 - TBD.

  • Seal Coating: work will include the southeast section of the Jet Apron, and is anticipated to be completed before May 31, 2019.

Important Notes

  • Intersection of Taxiway and Taxiway B will be closed. (Section B)

  • Taxiway B will be closed between Taxiway A and 500 feet south of B2. (Section B)

  • When Main entrance gate is closed, please use construction gate east of main entrance gate. Please use West gate after hours. (Section C1)

  • The contractor for this construction project is Pavex Corporation.

  • In the effort to continue to be as safe as possible, please follow all construction signage that is placed onsite.

  • Please watch for construction workers, as well as equipment that are/is entering and exiting the construction area.

  • If you have any specific questions, comments or concerns, please contact Steve Miller, Airport Director, at 520-382-8051 or via email at

  • Thank you for your patience during these improvements.

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